Do you need a pest control company in Brisbane?

(Licence No: PMT-0-14741)

When your house is riddled with rats, cockroaches and spiders contact us! SGK offers a fully-licensed vermin management solution to suit both commercial and residential needs. We provide cheap pest control services to clients in Brisbane’s Northside and customers all over the city. Real estate agents trust us, as our services adhere to their strict standards. All of our service options include a warranty, and a brochure on how different pests are treated and the steps that can be taken to minimise the chance of them reoccurring.

Our highly effective pest management treatments include cockroach gels, which are applied to kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinetry hinges to inhibit infestation of cockroaches (no need to empty cupboards or pantries). We offer flea treatments which include treating carpeted areas, “wet” areas and external areas, and we can also “dust” roofing voids to treat spiders, silverfish etc. Barrier sprays which treat cockroaches, ants and spiders are applied to internal and external areas and we also offer rodent baits in tamper-proof stations which are safe for children and household pets. When it comes to ants, we use powerful unobtrusive gels (for internal use) and granules for lawn and garden areas. As you can see, we have an effective treatment option for just about any unwanted visitors you may encounter, which is why SGK Cleaning Services offers the number one residential and commercial pest control service in Brisbane’s Northside and city wide.

Below is a list of pest services we provide:







Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Carpet Beetles

We also offer great package deals for carpet cleaning and pest management services. To find out more about our great packages and what we can do for you, please call us today on 07 3204 6989.